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Wednesday, November 18

Love Letter ll.

once there was a boy, who was every high school girls dream.

he was tall, with fabrizio curls and jagger lips,
he had it all, the prettiest girls, who played right into his tricks,
he played ball, drank jack and loved wanton womens hips,
he was small, but injected with too much pride, it was genetic.

his twenties approached, those light days of mansion house vodka, cheap and plentiful ganja.
nights lost to sleepless dawns spent cradling a bottle, two strips of valium and blabbering away the comedown.

his twenties approached, that endless age where the future is imminent and your looks aren't sufficient.
days blazed into dusks spent in unventilated rooms, waking up too late, waking up too soon,
realizing you haven't amounted to much, but what's the fucking rush, tomorrow is still a pill away.

once there was a boy, who i thought could be redeemed.

i shed eleven tears for him and then i revved the gas,
i didn't have the time for him, it had been, it had passed.

his twenties encroached while he lived at home, under the watchful eye of his mother.
he cursed all his girls, he forgot his big plans, always, always blaming another.

his twenties encroahed, a heavy reality of bills to be paid, shit to be maid, plans to be laid, a life to be gained.
but this boy, he'd lost all his nights and his days, his dusks and his dawns, his youth had all gone.

once there was a boy, who i soon forgot,
because there's more to life that i want, than to sit and to rot.


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  1. know too many of these boys that fail to escape the inertia of the lotus blossom... i barely escaped being one of them