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Wednesday, February 24

Ladies Night


three beautiful girls in hot minidresses, two with short hair, one with black tresses,
all with long legs like smooth velvet kisses, looked like real bitches, but really were jesters.
they sat down in a hotel lobby.

an indian man, his demeanour was bland, his complexion was tan,
approached them.

the indian man; "it is okay, i take this chair?"
beautiful girl number fun; "you may take it -"
beautiful girl number cool; "but you can't sit in it."
beatiful girl number craz-ee; "HaaghLogh???"

he sits down.

the beautiful girls exchange tired glances but all were excited at the prospect of dancing,
so they ignored his advances, with unspoken understanding.

the indian man; "it is okay, you come to my room?"
beautiful girl number fun; "do you have a mirror?"
the indian man; "Yes! Yes!"
beautiful girl number cool; "do you actually look in to it??"
the indian man; "Yes! Yes! Everyday at 8 o'clock!"
beautiful girl number craz-ee; "HaaghLoghhh?"


do you see what i see, these beautiful ladies, who obviously, are of high pedigree.
and the cheek of this freak, who thinks he can seek, what is obviously so out of his league.

Men, my word is not Hammurabi's Law, but let me point out some flaws,
we're not damsels distraught, our love can't be bought,
we're not some common coin slot, albeit for big shots.(!)

Tips for Boys.

When you see a beautiful girl in a bar and you wait until she is about to leave before you ask to buy her a drink,
don't be surprised if she gets to "To go".
When you're with a beautiful girl and she won't let you in her Forest of Dean, don't cry, beg or threaten to enter with your wooden axe.
This is sad, pathetic and rape; respectively.

And Ladies, let this be your motto.

Getting all dolled up, kiss the bouncers at the door,I know I'm looking fly, so I head to the dance floor.
Bat my luscious lashes, to get another drink.Cuz I always get my way, with a smile and a wink.



  1. I agree.
    I like how you write your thoughts out, miss Carter. :)

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