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Wednesday, August 5

Pyschometric Instruments

Restricting ourselves to only our nervous system, physiologists classify only 5 senses as faculties to perceive external objects and not as faculties for conscious perceptions / subjective systems developed by pyschologists. (These 5 act as the mediator between our minds and everything around us, this is how “I” appreciate the world). Relating back to “I”, somatosensory senses are equally significant, these sub categories; proprioception (feeling-imagine finding your lovers lips in the dark, that’s done with feeling), kinethesis and cutaneous senses, all play a role in how I walk, how I balance when I’ve had too many martinis, how I dance, how I make love.

Somatosensories may lie dormant within our unconscious, but to not validate it, would be the same as asking the question, “does a tribe of indigenous people still ‘exist’ if we have not discovered it?” Does God exist if we can not see Him? These spatial senses of our bodies, skin and flesh are the ones that allow us to indulge in movement, they are not limited to specialized sensory organs of the head, which allow us to indulge in thought and emotion, but this, all of this is a part of a comprehensive awareness. (and a good argument for my case would be the very first page of nausea, his ‘awareness of his hands Hah. if sartre says it it must be true, and hip). As for physiologists to refute somatosensation as sixth sense, justifying that reasoning that these sub-senses are not in correlation with what’s imperative to the Reality principle, they are missing the forest for the trees.

They probably haven’t spent enough time immersed in their vanity or self-consciousness. i met my id today, she said, you’re ugly when your conscious.

anyway, back to the point, proprioception is a sense, because although we may occasionally feel our limbs are detached and require demands, these demands are still derived from the synapses in our brain. Our limbs are not isolated, and although it all boils down to the structure of the brain, I don’t limit myself to thinking only with this ‘mental logic’, but with my heart and essentially, my gut. Are these not subconscious senses? And what of the soul, how much does your soul sense, does it in fact sense at all? I call it instinct. To me, separating this source of stimuli from myself, any source of stimuli, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, it would be as if I were alienating a part of me. I am whole, albeit in the throes of attempting to balancing my egos, (in constant fluctuation).


We create Truths from our inherent senses, but we should not be limited to believing in only these 5 senses, imagine all the knowledge humanity has acquired throughout history, all this we limit to these 5 senses? No. There is so much more to the universe we have yet to discover and learn.

If we're are still trying to understand ourselves, balance ourselves, how can we make conclusions like GUTs, Truth, 2+2=5.

And we have not even begun to discuss dimensions! Kudos to scientists, hey, i'm a huge fan. but as of now, the "truth" is too far away for me to fully grasp. I'll just stick to my interpretations of the truth. To each, his own truth, but tolerance for all.

(I think the reason why i can't conclude on any of this is because i'm subjective, it is all just opinion. my brand of logic is just the byproduct of my cultural capital, my bank of knowledge. Even when i am objective, i'm not. i guess the rhetorical question is still the easiest polemic, donc; i'm taking the easy way out).




  1. our modern science only uses the left part of our brain..
    we are not complete human yet
    because we are internally blind,and can only see the reality with our left eye
    materialism,positivism,rationalism etc

    if we can use both side of the brain(left and right)
    then the pineal gland or our third eye can be activated
    then we can be a complete human..
    nice post!

  2. iohgilh3:45:00 AM

  3. Anonymous2:46:00 PM

    no Mac, only PC.

    don't mean to brag, but i scored a perfect balance between left and right. no wait. yes i do mean to brag. and also to enquire. tell me your result.

  4. Anonymous2:49:00 PM

    shidd. wrong link.