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Wednesday, August 5

Negative Discovery

this got me thinking. initially in a paranoid way, about the world being crushed under the weight of (intelligent) Indian babies. Anyway.

Negative discovery isn’t given it’s due credit, (whilst that rhyme about Columbus and The Ocean Blue dances in my head, I forget about James Cook, who disproved the existence of the Great South Land in the 1700s - back then they thought the Indian Ocean was a lake), we applaud the creation of something new, the birth of a baby, the birth of an idea, a possibility… and negative discovery is the hammer that crushes this. YET, it is negative discovery that has defined our basic knowledge of the universe; the earth is NOT the center of the universe, nor is the sun, our universe is NOT the only universe, our phyics is NOT the only physics.

And consider this, 100 years ago, meaning far outnumbered data. Now, as mechanized observers (man builds machines, machines gather data) data far outnumbers meaning. A single space mission like Voyager or Phoenix brought back trillions and bajillions bits of data, astronomical amounts, (pun intended) far more than we are able to interpret, because we haven’t yet thought of the questions to the answers enclosed within this data. Do we need this data? Doesn’t this need perpetuate greed? An escape route to search for this mythical superearth because we’ve fucked up this one? And why is that earth, Super? I think the one we’ve got now is pretty super.

I don’t know what my point is. I’m blazed. bedtime.

okay. My point is. (i couldnt sleep)
1. We live in an Age of Negative Discovery (purposely capitalised to give my point validity).
2. Thus, our universe is not the only universe.
3. Thus, we should practise a little humility.
4. Choose knowledge. Choose not to be a weapon of massive consumption.

okay. here’s my real point.

Stop buying shit. Stop buying plastic junk. Stop buying labels. Stop buying perfect little boxes to hide yourselves in. When you realize how far out into the Universe mankind is exploring, you realize, NONE OF THIS MATERIALISTIC SHIT MATTERS.

I’m in a good mood. I’m feeling optimistic.

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