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Thursday, January 21

Morality is Fleeting in Lust / Sanity is Fleeting in Love

who knows what love is. It’s wanting to die, it’s wanting to live forever. It’s having nothing and wanting nothing except just to be with that person. It’s having nothing but each other, it’s you and me against the world. it's forgetting that the rest of the world even exists because everything u need, want, is right here. It’s saying fuck money, fuck a job, fuck success, fuck life, I have you. You, you, beautiful you with the heart of gold. It’s never thinking, let alone worrying about the future, because whatever happens, I have you. It’s never growing old, because you know together you’ll stay young forever, this feeling will last forever. It’s never planning, because you’d be happy to go anywhere and do anything at all, because life is so good, I have you. I can go anywhere, I could stay right here, I don’t care, I just want to be with you. It’s inspiration. It’s realizing, what the fuck have I have been holding myself back for, why the fuck am I trying to chase a different dream, I’ve always been happy with you, how could I be happy without?? It’s making love, over and over, until he’s pounding you so hard it hurts real damn good and the bed is soaked and you scream, stop I’m gonna piss, and he’s pounds even harder, saying piss, just piss on me, I don’t give a shit and you cum so fucking hard your head spins, your toes curl and you sigh, you cry, you die just a little and in the afterglow, while he’s spent and snoring, you are reborn, you need to shout to the world that this, THIS is what love is.


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